Scavenger Hunt

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Here's how the scavenger hunt works/how to enter:

Complete 12 out of 18 of the tasks below on Hoboken Wellness Crawl Day between 11-4PM

Post at least a 3 of the pictures or videos from scavenger hunt on your story, tagging @theHobokenGirl and @HobokenWellnessCrawl + post at least *1* photo or boomerang on your feed. Make sure to save/document all the photos and videos for submission.

Send your IG handle and the screenshots of photos/videos that qualify you (must be 12 out of 18) to to enter by Sunday at 11:59PM (so for hours after the crawl ends so you have time to recover and can enjoy the day). Can be sent directly via email or a link (viewable) of a Google Drive with all images.

The 1st person to submit — correctly might we add — 12 out of 18 scavenger hunt will win the grand prize. 2nd + 3rd prizes will be awarded in order of submissions as well.

Scavenger Hunt Details

Complete 12 of 18 out of the below to be entered — must all be submitted in one email by 09/19 at 11:59PM to!

Screenshots = Required for Proof via email

  • Find an owner of a Wellness Stop business and take a photo with them
  • Follow our sponsors on Instagram (check @hobokenwellnesscrawl for all 8 handles)
  • Head to the check-in spot you DIDN’T check in to and take a photo with vendors
  • Boomerang at 3 fitness stops, doing jumping jacks outside
  • Explore the Monroe Center post an image on your stories tagging the businesses you visited there (8 participants, must visit at least 4)
  • Madison, Jackson, Marshall Street: Travel to at least 3 of the 7 businesses on these streets + document it
  • Make a friend on the crawl (they must also have a ticket) and take a photo with them, showing off your bracelets
  • Visit 2 dentist offices on the map and take a photo at each
  • Take a video walking up the stairs at 1012 Grand St (Play Hoboken!) + visit the vendors inside
  • Snap a photo at three of the Wellness Crawl sponsors’ stops (found on crawl flyer)
  • Stop by a physical therapy office and take a photo doing a stretch in the office
  • Be a foodie influencer and share a photo of your food or beverage samples on IG
  • Make a purchase at your favorite wellness stop + share your purchase on IG Stories tagging the vendor + the @hobokenwellnesscrawl handle
  • Visit a mental health practice and record a video of the office
  • Try acupuncture: 2 of the vendors are offering free ear treatments — take a pic at least 1 of them!
  • Find a Hoboken Wellness Crawl VIP and take picture of them (they’ll have a white bag with black writing that says ‘Hoboken Wellness Crawl’)
  • Go to the 3 businesses with your first, middle, and last initials (if one is not available, go to a business on Grand Street that you haven’t been to — ex: JLC goes to a business that starts with J, then L, then C. If there are no vendors with a business starting with “C,” you’d go to a business on the map on Grand street)
  • Head to our virtual vendors on the crawl website and email at least 2 to cash in on freebie (screenshot proof)
  • BONUS (IN CASE OF TIE BREAKER): Follow all VIP bag handles


Make sure you take screenshots of each of the 12 steps you’ve chosen out of 18 and submit via email to by September 19th 11:59PM.

Subject line: 2021 Wellness Crawl Scavenger Hunt